SAMPLE: Site Evaluation Form

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DIRECTIONS:  All teacher education candidates are required to submit this form upon COMPLETION of each field experience. Please complete the information below and submit by the first day of finals week.

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Last Name
Middle Name
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Field Experience Location (School)
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Grade Level
Start Date (e.g. 9/19/12)
End Date (e.g. 10/28/12)
TTU Course
TTU Instructor OR ST Coordinator/University Supervisor

Directions:  Use this scale to rate the overall effectiveness of the assigned field experience location. This form is completed by the teacher education candidate upon completion of the experience and is used for assessment of location effectiveness and only viewed by the faculty/staff of the Office of Teacher Education.

3- Exceeds Expectations      2- Meets Expectations      1- Below Expectations
The staff at this location appeared to understand the purpose of the field and/or clinical experience.
This location was very appropriate for completion of the assigned field and/or clinical tasks and for meeting the intended outcomes of the experience.
My mentoring teacher clearly communicated his/her expectations to me.
This location provided an atmosphere conducive to learning for both myself and the students in the classroom.

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