AV Permit Form

TTU Candidates understand that they subject to the following conditions upon borrowing electronic equipment from the TTU LRC College Education. If they violate any of the following conditions, their access rights may be revoked immediately and permanently.
  • Candidates must be students in the College of Education.
  • Candidates will be responsible for any and all equipment they have borrowed.
  • Candidates are liable for any damaged/missing equipment.
  • Candidates may not check out more than 1 of the same type of item simultaneously. Example: a candidate may have one video camera and one still camera, but not two video cameras.
  • Candidates understand that if they tamper with a computer or iPod, they will be barred from future use of TTU LRC laptop computers and iPods and will be reported to Campus Computing for possible disciplinary and/or legal action.
  • Candidates will return all equipment they have borrowed within the specified time period. Permission for extended use will not be granted for any reason.
  • Checking out equipment is a privilege that requires our candidates to be responsible for all equipment under their care. Any equipment not returned will result in a fine to be determined by the department.
  • If a piece of equipment is lost or damaged, replacement fees will be charged to the student's account in the following amounts:
  • Laptop: $600
  • Power Adapter: $100
  • Still Camera: $200
  • Mini DV Video Camera: $300
  • HD Video Camera: $350
  • iPad: $500
  • iPod Touch: $300
  • iPod Power Adapter: $300
  • iPod Speakers: $150
  • MAudio Keyboards: $100
  • Korg Keyboards: $700
  • Pico Digital Projector: $400
  • Video/doc Projector: $600
  • Projection Screen: $200
  • Flex Camera: $700
  • Visual Presenter: $300
  • Laptops are due no later than two weeks after the initial checkout (except for PhD Students, Graduate Assistants and Student Teachers / Residents).
  • iPads are due two (2) days after checkout.
  • Cameras and keyboards are due the following weekday.
  • Video projectors and presenters, flex cams, and screens are due two (2) days after checkout.
  • iPods are due fourteen (14) days after checkout.
  • Speakers are due seven (7) days after checkout.
  • If a candidate fails to return any equipment or fails to pay their fines in a timely manner, a police report will be filed 90 days after the original invoice.
  • Fines accrue immediately on the first day an item is late and begin at $10 per item.

For additional information, contact Brooke Brown (lrc@tntech.edu), phone: (931) 372-3856

First Name
Last Name
TTU Email @students.tntech.edu
T Number (T12345678)
Phone Number w/Area Code xxx-xxx-xxxx
TTU Major
Advisor's Name for Ph.D. Students or
Graduate Assistant Supervisor for G.A.'s
Ph.D. Advisor's Email or
G.A. Supervisor's Email @tntech.edu

I agree to pay the charges listed above if the equipment is damaged, lost, or stolen.

I agree not to delete, modify, or otherwise alter any hardware, software, or data on the laptop or iPod including display and desktop configurations.

I agree not to load personal software onto the laptop’s hard drive and to delete all personal files on the laptop hard drive before the laptop is returned to the LRC.


After submission scroll to top to see confirmation message.