Campus Agreement Purchasing Program
for Current TTU Students, Faculty, and Staff

  • To enter the site, log in below using your TTU email username and password.
  • For help logging in, contact the Learning Commons Help Desk at (931) 372-3975
  • Note that you are limited to ONE copy per person.
  • E-Academy provides all technical support/customer service, such as replacement of damaged media. After log in, see the information on their web site. Please do NOT contact ITS.
  • Use with care: ITS is not responsible for any software that is not compatible with your computer.
  • In some cases, faculty may be eligible for Work at Home licenses; however, use is restricted to TTU work activities only.


  • Be sure your machine's clock is set to both the correct time and time zone!
  • If you don't get your product key via email:  Login to the e-academy site again and click the ‘Your Account’ link at the top of the WebStore. You can select the specific order and it will have both the product key and access to the download available for 30 days from the purchase date.
  • When an order is placed from the web store, users have the option to purchase the Extended Access which guarantees access to their media and keys by having it backed up on Kivuto servers for up to 24 months. This costs $5.24
  • If you do not want to take advantage of Kivuto Solutions’ optional backup service, you will need to provide your own backup in the event you need to install it again in the future. Ensure that your downloaded software is backed-up on a DVD or external hard drive and that you write down your product key.
  • If you do not write things down and back them up and need access again, you will have to pay the retrieval fee of $12.64 online in the Kivuto store.
  • Note that the free downloads of MS Office and Windows operating system upgrades are only valid while enrolled at Tennessee Tech University. When you graduate, the license becomes a perpetual license.
    However, if you exit TTU PRIOR to graduation, YOU MUST UNINSTALL the software you downloaded as you agreed to do in the MS End User License Agreeement (EULA).
Log in using your TTU email credentials, (e.g. imstudent42 and password).
Students enrolled for Fall term will have access to this site
beginning 2 weeks prior to the start of classes.



For general questions about this program, contact

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